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How Much Will It Cost??

If you are currently paying more than 2.00 Per Appliance you are paying too much !!


We believe that no two business's are alike and each has its own needs and requirements. Likewise no two tests would be alike as depending on the situation and environment that the appliance is used in testing may be required more or less frequently for a similar item being used in a different company.

Therefore we offer a totally flexible pricing structure to enable us to produce what we believe to be a competitive and efficient service. All prices and or charges are agreed before any testing schedule is commenced with any prospective client. Details of this will be provided in writing to ensure that there are no hidden charges or "Extra's" as you may find are charged by some of our competitors. Neither do we charge a premium for out of hours testing

Small Business

For most small business's we find that one of our "All-inclusive" PAT testing solutions will meet their requirements. Costs for this can typically be as low as 40 - 50 per year to cover all of your electrical appliances. Compare this to the costs that can be incurred following an incident where PAT testing had not been part of a companies Health & Safety Policy and you can see that this is a very worthwhile solution. Indeed many Business insurance providers are now insisting that PAT testing is carried out as part of their terms of cover. It is well worth checking this as all to often the small print of a policy can be overlooked.

Testing for Free for small Business Owners.

Due to the success of this offer we are delighted to be able to continue it for the future throughout 2008. Quite simply this is a way for the smaller business owner / operator to save from 10 - 100% of their Test or Re-Test Fees. Please contact us for further details.

Larger Business

For the larger business we are able to offer further considerable discounts on the overall testing costs due to the normally higher number of appliances found at each of your business locations. An example is that a per item basis cost can be as low as 1.20 per unit or in some cases less if you have a very large number of items.

We can then maintain a dynamic and flexible approach to grow with you as your Business grows. Additional appliances can be added as and when required and charged individually or if there is a significant change due to expansion or otherwise we are happy to re evaluate your current schedule at anytime to ensure that we continue to be able to provide you with a cost effective, efficient and competent service. 

Already have a quote?

If you have already had a quote from another company, then we'll happily do our best to beat it. Please use the contact link at the side of this page for further information.

PAT Testing need not be expensive

Testing need not be an expensive process - we can work with you to assess your requirements normally through a risk assessment process. This information can then be used together with the IEE's recommendations for the inspection and testing of in-service electrical equipment to ensure that equipment in higher risk areas is tested more frequently than appliances that would be considered to be in a low risk situation. This is a far better approach than simply adopting the "test it all once a year" philosophy! and not surprisingly is normally a more cost effective method too.

There are no hidden extra charges or costs in our pricing structure. Prior to commencing any programme of inspection and testing all cost will be discussed and fully explained with any prospective client. We will only undertake any work that has been agreed by both parties in advance. 

We do not charge extra or any form of premium for "Out of Hours" testing, rather, where ever required or preferred, we welcome this as it can dramatically speed up the whole inspection and testing process for our clients which helps to keep any disruption or impact to an absolute minimum.

In normal circumstances we do not charge a fee for Travel 

Want to test your own appliances?

You may decide after reading this that financially it would be better to carry out your own testing in-house. Indeed many organisations save money by adopting this approach. As with all items of this nature this can prove to be very successful or possibly can also be doomed to failure.

When deciding to do this however, remember that you will have to appoint and train a person carrying out the testing and they must continue to do so at the frequencies that are identified. They will need access to a portable appliance tester, again this must also be periodically checked to ensure that it continues to be 100% accurate. They will need to have access as and when required to a wide selection of  spare plugs and fuses etc. You will need to assess the likely impact of having one of your employees concentrating a considerable period of time away from their normal duties and also remember that a specialist pat engineer may be considerably faster than a member of your team who has been drafted in to do the work.

The main problem that most companies find when deciding to adopt their own testing is that the designated employee who is appointed to carry out the testing always needs to be available as and when dictated by the initial assessment of equipment. In practice this can be problematic as other tasks and duties in the normal day-to-day running of the business also have to be taken into account as well as other things such as annual leave etc. This can often lead to schedules not being adhered to. Don't forget that even if the employee leaves your employment you still have the same responsibility to ensure that the inspection and testing identified is carried out and thus the whole process of appointing and training will start again...


If you feel that testing "In-House" is for you then we can offer a consultancy service to help you choose the correct structure to adopt and work with you to ensure that your testing schedule meets with all relevant legislation.

Whichever method you decide upon Testing can be an expensive process if not performed correctly - but we can work with you to keep the costs under control. However, if you do need to carry out testing but then decide not to because of cost, this would not carry much favour with the authorities or legal system should an incident occur.




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