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Does the Law state that I have to PAT Test?

Quite simply the answer is No....  

There is no current legislation in place that specifically requires PAT testing to be carried out by any Company or Employer.


The introduction of the "Electricity at Work Regulations 1989" (EAWR), prompted many companies and employers to inspect and test portable appliances. The Regulations do not specifically mention portable appliances. They do, however, require that any electrical system be constructed, maintained and used in a way so as to prevent danger. The regulation regards portable appliances as "systems" and thus a regular programme or procedure of inspection and testing is required in order to determine as and when maintenance is required.

PAT testing was introduced as a more effective and accurate means to enable an employer to comply with the above regulatory requirement and other relevant legislation and Health and Safety regulations. Most business's and employers simply do not have the time or access to the specialised equipment required to enable them to carry out this testing themselves and prefer to employ a specialised company such as ours to take on this task for them.

When things go wrong......

How often have you read or heard in the news and media of another tragedy of a home or business being destroyed by fire? and all too frequently subsequent investigations reveal that these have started due to faulty appliances.

This unfortunate but avoidable situation can then be further compounded by the discovery of the fact that many major insurance companies are now insisting that a regular programme of inspection and testing is carried out. Failing to do so is in many cases being met with a refusal to honour a claim following an incident.

It is well worth checking the small print on your Business or Public Liability insurance policy to ensure that you meet any requirements as many have introduced this as a clause to policy documents over the past few years

The news and media are now full of adverts from injury claim specialist's who are all to ready to pursue any possible claim ..

Add to this the possibility of prosecution for negligence or failing to comply with required legislation

Hopefully this will never happen to you but the risks still remain however big or small and it is your responsibility to ensure that a regular programme of inspection and maintenance is employed and adhered too.

So, "Do I have to PAT Test"?......... Really the simple answer is YES.

I think it is clear from the above that the simple answer really should be yes unless you are able to clearly demonstrate possibly if things have gone wrong in a Court of Law, that you do adopt and have in place an alternative regular programme of inspection and testing that will identify any required maintenance that will meet the requirements as laid out in the relevant legislation. This must be accompanied by documented records and evidence etc to prove your claim.




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