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Mount Pleasant PAT Testing Ltd strives to offer flexible, low cost PAT testing solutions to all industry sectors from sole traders to large corporate clients.

Based in South Wales and offering a Regional / National Coverage, we firmly believe that every business or individual should have access to the same quality of service regardless of their size or status.

What is a PAT Test?

Portable Appliance Testing (usually referred to as PAT Testing) is a name that has been given to the process by which electrical appliances in an organisation are checked to ensure that they are safe.

Portable Appliance Testing has been developed as a convenient and complete method of inspecting and testing electrical appliances to ensure that they are safe and with the correct maintenance schedule and test results ensures an employer complies with his/her legal obligations. 

Are your Electrical Appliances Safe?

Utilising the very latest, "Cutting edge" computerised testing equipment we are able to offer a competent, fast and efficient service to all our clients. We do not diversify our operations or services as some of our competitors but rather we prefer to concentrate and focus 100% on providing the best possible PAT testing solution for you and your business needs.

We endeavour to work very closely with all of our clients to enable us to ensure that we continually out perform their expectations and requirements.

Whether you are using 10 or 10000 appliances the risks from a faulty or unsafe appliance remain the same and the same "Duty of Care" must be exercised in all situations.

Regardless of your business size we can tailor make a competitive solution to suit your needs.

We all accept without question that the vehicles we drive require an annual MOT test after a certain age so why should we not adopt the same way of thinking when it comes down to the electrical equipment we also use on a daily basis as part of our work…………

Testing need not be an expensive process - we can work with you to assess your requirements normally through a risk assessment process. This information can then be used together with the IEE's recommendations for the inspection and testing of in-service electrical equipment to ensure that equipment in higher risk areas is tested more frequently than appliances that would be considered to be in a low risk situation. This is a far better approach than simply adopting the "test it all once a year" philosophy! and not surprisingly is normally a more cost effective method too.

PAT Testing is a simple process that has been adopted to help both employers and employees alike whilst helping to aid compliance with the relevant Health & Safety regulations and statistically speaking since the introduction and wider use of PAT testing in business's there has been a steady reduction in the number or accidents and injuries in the workplace. We all have a duty to ensure that this trend continues to reduce year-on-year.

Please contact us using the information on the "Contact" page of this website to find out more of how we can tailor make a solution to meet your needs or to be able to discuss and requirements or questions you may have.

Testing for Free for small Business Owners.

Due to the success of this offer we are delighted to be able to continue it for the future throughout 2009. Quite simply this is a way for the smaller business owner / operator to save from 10 - 100% of their Test or Re-Test Fees. Please contact us for further details.

Currently paying 2.00 or more per Appliance??      you are paying too much !!

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