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We are pleased to be able to introduce a further cost cutting initiative for our existing clients through our new "Recommend A Friend" Scheme. This allows us to offer existing clients a substantial discount on their future testing requirements. Please contact us for further information regarding this scheme.

JANUARY 2008: Small Business Incentive Extended for 2008

Due to the success of our Small Business Incentive offer we are delighted to be able to continue it for the future throughout 2008. Quite simply this is a way for the smaller business owner / operator to save from 10 - 100% of their Test or Re-Test Fees. Please contact us for further details.

Februray 2008: Price's Fixed for 2008

With many companies and suppliers now increasing their service charges due to the ever rising costs of Fuel, distribution and Transportation etc. we are pleased to announce that our pricing structure remains unchanged from the 2006/2007 scales and will remain fixed at this rate for the duration of the 2008.






As and when available, further News updates will be placed here regarding useful information regarding PAT Testing, the Legal requirements and you. We hope you will find these items informative and useful and please don't hesitate to contact us should you require any further information on any of the services we can provide.



















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