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Our PAT Testing Services

Mount Pleasant PAT Testing Ltd is a company that was formed in order to be able to offer affordable and flexible PAT testing solutions to all industry sectors from the self employed or sole traders to large corporate clients. We are committed to providing both existing and new clients with a competent cost effective Pat testing service

We firmly believe that every business or individual should have access to the same quality of service regardless of their size or status and it is our intention to continue to ensure that we deliver this quality of service whilst ensuring that we consistently strive to exceed our clients requirements and expectations.

We do not diversify our operations or services as some of our competitors but rather we prefer to concentrate and focus 100% on providing the best possible PAT testing solution for you and your business needs.

Please choose your business sector from the links to the side or below on this page to find out more about how we can help you and your business.

PAT Testing solutions for the Sole Trader or Self employed

Possibly working from Home, or a small business unit? Tradesmen, one man operatives etc click here to see how we can help

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PAT Testing solutions for the Small Business Owner

Typically you would be operating from one or more smaller business premises and employing up to around 10 employees.

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PAT Testing solutions for the Medium Size Business Owner

You may have multiple offices, sites, outlets or premises in varying locations employing up to around 100 employees.

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PAT Testing solutions for Large Business and Corporate Sector

Typically your Business would cover multiple locations possibly national coverage, often falling within various industry sectors and employing upwards of 150 employees

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