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PAT Testing solutions for the Self Employed or Sole Trader

We appreciate that for a sole trader or self employed person being able to work unhindered is of paramount importance. Time spent not working is money lost. You are your own boss after all.

There are a great many other things to worry about and PAT testing is very seldom at the front of the list. Many choose not to test because of the High prices charged by some of our competitors. Others are simply not aware of the requirement to do so. The simple fact is that legislation exists which places a "Duty of Care" on all business's including the self employed to ensure that electrical appliances used are maintained in a safe condition so as not to cause danger - This Legislation is not optional and has to be complied with regardless of time or costs involved.

We have always appreciated the above and for this reason we have ensured that we offer a range of cost effective solutions that will encourage those who are self employed that have previously not carried out PAT testing due to financial reasons to do so in the future.

For the sole trader there never seem to be enough hours in the day in order to complete everything that needs to be done. Evenings, weekends all seem to be swallowed up to ensure the future success of your venture. PAT testing for many appears to be just another task on the list, it will get done but just not at the moment as there is not enough time to do so. It is important to remember though that the tools and appliances you use daily are after all the "Tools of your trade" without them you run the risks of financial loss but more importantly are the risks associated with poorly maintained or faulty electrical appliances. Add to this the fact that possibly these are also being used often on other peoples property or with other people nearby and the Dangers and Risks are all to clear to see.

This is where we are able to help by providing a specialised service that is able to take this task on board for you thus, freeing up your time. We do not diversify our operations or services as some of our competitors but rather we prefer to concentrate and focus 100% on providing the best possible PAT testing solution for you and your business needs.

For many self employed or sole traders we find that one of our "All-inclusive" PAT testing solutions will meet their requirements. Costs for this can typically be as low as 40 - 50 per year to cover all of your electrical appliances. Compare this to the costs that can be incurred following an incident where PAT testing had not been undertaken and you can see that this is a very worthwhile solution. Indeed many Business insurance providers are now insisting that PAT testing is carried out as part of their terms of cover. It is well worth checking this as all to often the small print of a policy can be overlooked.

We strive to work very closely with all of our current and prospective clients to continually ensure that we deliver the best possible service that they have come to expect from us and continue to meet their ever changing requirements. We realise that PAT testing solutions need to be dynamic and have the ability to grow and change along with the business and it is here where our specialised experience comes into effect. Unlike many of our competitors we do not charge a premium or additional fee for Testing "Out of Hours" rather, we encourage this as it frequently proves to be more productive and results in a lower impact on your business during the testing programme.

Wherever possible we aim to provide a service that will have minimal impact or disruption to you. We appreciate the fact that you cannot afford to spend hour after hour as someone tests and inspects your equipment so, frequently we are able to, and do perform testing either "On-Site" or at a particular place of work. There is normally no additional charge for this and where possible we will gladly complete this to ensure any disruption is kept to an absolute minimum for you.

Utilising the very latest, "Cutting edge" computerised testing equipment we are able to offer a competent, fast and efficient service to all our clients. In many cases the information and results captured from your appliances whilst under test can be sent back to our office electronically before leaving your premises. This ensures that the results can be quickly analysed and ensures that there is minimal delay in producing Certification and or your Equipment Register Documents etc.

Accurate record keeping is a very important part of the whole PAT testing process. You will be provided with all required Documentation on completion of the agreed testing schedule and we will keep copies of all relevant results for a minimum period of 5 Years. Copies of this information can be made available on request. We are also able to provide this information in a variety of different computerised or electronic formats to enable you to also use it to help in maintaining an asset register for insurance of other purposes.

The use of modern technology not only improves the speed and accuracy of the whole PAT testing process for you but more importantly improves the ability for us to be able to instantly compare results of tests during return or future visits to your business appliances this can quickly identify any potential problems or risks before they occur. Thus, this in turn leads to a safer work place for Self employed and employers alike.

We all accept without question that the vehicles we drive require an annual MOT test after a certain age so why should we not adopt the same way of thinking when it comes down to the electrical equipment we also use on a daily basis as part of our work…………

PAT Testing is a simple process that has been adopted to help both the self employed and employers alike whilst helping to aid compliance with the relevant Health & Safety regulations and statistically speaking since the introduction and wider use of PAT testing in business's there has been a steady reduction in the number or accidents and injuries in the workplace. We all have a duty to ensure that this trend continues to reduce year-on-year.

Please contact us using the information on the "Contact" page of this website to find out more of how we can tailor make a solution to meet your needs or to be able to discuss and requirements or questions you may have.




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